Art and Nature, the two greatest manifestations in the environment,
are so intimately related that it is impossible to think of one without the other,
and so we never can compress them into a single formula.

It is the result of the creative act that distinguishes works of art from those of nature,
namely, the modeling of an original form, newly produced, and not the intimated or repeated form.
Art has its immediate origin in the latest powerful incentive existing at the time,
of which it is the most visible expression.

Karl Nierendorf / Galerist / New York / Berlin 1936 – 1947


Richard Fischer believes in parallelism between Art and Nature.

Having studied art and graduating in his Masters of Photography he implements an extraordinary view,
treating each and every blossom equally as „Queen on her very own majestic stage.“

Fischer explains „It is a matter of perceiving, cropping to detail and tantalizing lighting,
printing the results onto exclusive photographic paper to finally enlighten spectators as never before.
It’s right there. Nature has given us its own unique form of art. It’s all about the artists striking
interpretation attracting the spectators view to nature’s wonders.“

Richard Fischer essentially demonstrates how enriching flora on Planet Earth actually is by simply picking blossoms,
isolating them from their mother plants and roots, photographing them in front of a neutral backdrop
so that we may obviously observe, better understand, honorably respect and then
possibly preserve our sensitive and endangered environment.

Christoph von der Heide, Journalist