It’s astonishing how many living things are actually around us. From early on, I have been fascinated by plant ontogenesis. Mesmerized by the grace and beauty of floral life. The individuality of these fascinating life forms is a constant source of creative inspiration. My goal has been to put these beautifully budding, ever-changing life forms into a proper perspective. Allowing others to appreciate their singularity.

Over time, I have learned to appreciate the glory of their existence as well as gain a better understanding of their fragility, the imminent and constant dangers they are exposed to – their very existence jeopardized. Many of them are on the brink of extinction. I also realized that these entities have no voice or one to support their existence. Slowly dying in a silent plight.

Rechte Spalte

These beguiling floral beauties need a spokesperson, a representative, to give them a voice; that is what my photography is hopefully doing. But floral photography certainly can benefit from movement. Why? Because it’s the most effective way to convey their continually compelling transformations. Sometimes it might appear laborious, almost imperceptible but nonetheless, always, in one way or another, a discernible movement.

New Immersive Art concepts are emerging, leading me to explore new dimensions in my artwork. It will commence with Absolutely Alive – an experiment that, hopefully, will provide the impetus for change, allowing the viewer to immerse and evolve with these living organisms. I am not sure how this will transpire or end, but on the other hand, it may not end at all…

Richard Fischer