Richard Fischer is the Preserver of Genesis

Dr. Thomas Holzmann
Former Vice President of the German Enviroment Agency

Exotic plants have influenced the artist's life since childhood. Blessed with the fate of growing up in the Paradise Islands, the tropical Philippines in the 1950s, Fischer grew up in a playground surrounded by beautiful flowers, fragrant orchids and other miraculous plants.

This enormous source of inspiration was one of the most important drivers for the empathetic artist and taught him to understand the extraordinary importance of a balanced biodiversity from an early age on.


Plants hold medical, agricultural, ecological, recreational and aesthetic value and plant species are the foundation of healthy ecosystems upon which humanity builds and depends on. Biological diversity is an invaluable and irreplaceable resource and determines quality of life and that of future generations, which strongly depends on responsible preservation of plant species.

Many admirers of flowers see in each specimen a unique beauty and derive from it aesthetic and emotional pleasure. But flowers are also expressions of survival in this fragile world. Plants exist to reproduce, to feed upon, to make their lives and those of others possible. This metamorphosis is exactly the moment Fischer wants to capture and to celebrate, bringing it down to earth and inviting his audience to reflect on this mystical moment.

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Immerse yourself in the unique world of Richard Fischer's art photography. There are countless customized possibilities tor fulfilling the high standards of our exclusive clients. Therefore, the artist offers limited editions in gallery quality like Giclée & Fine Art Prints, Photo Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints or Acrylic Prints.

Sizes vary between 42 cm x 59 cm (DIN A 2 inkjet), 1,50 m x 1 m or larger. These images are photographed either with 40, 80 or 100 million pixel digital backs on Hasselblad cameras. Smaler sizes of Inkjet Fine Art Prints are unlimited. All larger images are Fine Art Prints in Limited Editions, available only as long as limitations last, most of them limited to 6 or 12. 

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