Hahnemühle Photokina Edition

“The infinite wealth of floristic masterpieces gives ample evidence of nature´s aesthetic creativity. Flowers are the reflections of the soul and considered the measure of beauty. Every year numerous plant species become extinct without man ever having discovered them.” says photographer Richard Fischer.

More than half of all flower species worldwide are threatened with extinction. Countless disappear from the Earth without even being discovered or documented. Flowers are of inestimable value for our Earth and its wildlife. Without Richard Fischer’s work numerous priceless floral beauties would be lost forever. For many years now, the photographer has been staging delicate, threatened beauties in his photo studio, each flower depicted in its perishable uniqueness. Even with imminent death approaching, he is able to document its aesthetic beauty, thereby preserving its majesty and power of expression. Some as the ‘Stanhopea embreei’ are more eccentric, and others as the ‘Gomphocarupus fruticosus’ are unflashy. Still, he captured the personality of each flower in an iconic, portrait-like image.

His exclusive collection A TRIBUTE TO FLOWERS combines art with environmental activism and draws attention to the vital issue of `species extinction and conservation’. It contains photographs of short-living and endangered beauties of nature which Richard Fischer has collected for more than 15 years. He has worked with the world’s leading botanical gardens and botanists to portray the flowers in their original aesthetics. Each of the photographs mirrors the unique combination of color, form and texture in each flower. The essential factor being that Richard Fischer not only captures beauty and elegance but also the fragility and transience of the flowers, thereby conveying his message and raising awareness. As a result of his dedicated work, he is often regarded as the `flower ambassador`.

A TRIBUTE TO FLOWERS is a coffee-table picture-book highlighting the best images of his 20-year- long journey. It summarizes the three cycles of a flower’s life ‘Gentle Genesis´, ‘Floral Finesse’ and ‘Dying Divas’. The photographs are accompanied by poignant texts and descriptions by Pascal Morché, enhancing the effects of the floral masterpieces and drawing attention to the diversity around us.

In addition to the book, Richard Fischer´s photographs have been displayed at Europe’s largest floral-photographic exhibition. The last exhibition being at the Flower Art Museum in Amsterdam-Aalsmeer. This exhibit showcased 58 large-format FineArt prints on selected Hahnemühle FineArt papers. Most were printed on the brand-new Hahnemühle Natural Line papers, made out of sustainable resources. The entire exhibition was printed by Hahnemühle’s Certified Studio ‘Jan R Smit - Fine Art Printing Specialist’.

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