07.03. - 26.03.2022


Traditional Department Store Gerngross, Mariahilfer Straße 42 - 48, 1070 Vienna

In March 2022, the BURN-IN contemporary art Gallery, featuring Richard Fischer and Linda Steinthórsdóttir, will take the viewer on an enchanting and beatific journey into the enthralling worlds of nature and culture. These inspirational artists' works will be presented at an atypical art space in the heart of Vienna, in the historic ambiance of the tradition-rich Gerngross department store.

After last year's photo art exhibition SILENT SCREAM, a veritable explosion of color that thematized endangered plants, BURN-IN founder and curator Sonja Dolzer now stages a pioneering new concept. Presenting Iceland's dynamic Otherworld in a subtly purist way by combining Steinthórsdóttir's monochrome classics with Fischer's captivating floral black-and-white photographic images from around the world.

A SENSE OF SERENITY is an invitation to participate in a serene yet provocative, reflective discourse. An extraordinary deference to the beauty of nature – a captivating counterpoint to the relentless pressures of our daily hustle and bustle and the escalating anxiety of our demanding times.

Suddenly, formidable, impressive forces of nature such as glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, or even the ethereal fascination of the northern lights, apparently randomly encounter mysterious, exotic, even potentially dangerous flora from Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. These fascinating images magically communicate the uniqueness, grandeur, and beauty of nature and art, intuitively provoking awe, which quickly mingles with a quietude, engaging the viewer and creating an unexpected sense of serenity – natural beauty intertwines with art.

By presenting these mesmerizingly perceptive works of internationally acclaimed contemporary artists, exhibition visitors will experience the unique artistic brilliance of the two artists firsthand. In addition, viewers encounter and learn to appreciate works of art that have been presented internationally at renowned museums and galleries. The pronounced commonality of both artists is based on their unrelenting pursuit of artistic integrity, purposeful uniqueness, and the uncompromising willingness to leave their respective comfort zones. Thereby, they continue to explore innovative paths outside the traditional.


The atypically structured Gerngross Department Store, with its lofty, ground-floor atrium and extensive window display along the well-frequented Mariahilfer Strasse, provides the perfect setting for this unconventional exhibition. It is sure to attract not only art aficionados but also numerous passersby.

However, not only the reflective complexion of SENSE OF SERENITY will inspire visitors. Hopefully, it will also provide that unique magical interconnection of contemporary art with nature (GreenART), visually promoting the awareness of nature's beauty and the need for its sensitive handling. The exhibition fosters and sharpens environmental awareness and, in a best-case scenario, can affect behavioral patterns positively. An evocative and proactive initiative as a contemporary exhibition. A foundational event for an ecologically oriented culture. A production from BURN-IN in cooperation with Gerngross. 






Gallery owner and marketing expert, Sonja Dolzer, presents profound insights into Richard Fischer’s fascinating floral world, She not only eloquently describes why this “Silent Scream” cannot go unheard but how companies can embrace his art for their CSR projects in meaningful ways.

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BURN-IN and Richard Fischer not only present stunning visual testaments, underscoring the need for a large-scale awareness change in the general public. They also provide a contemporary artistic platform as an opportunity for CSR and art-branding projects for companies and organizations.