The original before burial
First stage of burial
Second stage of burial
Third stage of burial
Exclusive Exhibit at the Flower Art Museum

BEAUTIES END - The Hope Principle

is the metaphorical artistic implementation to raise public awareness for a dying biological world. The burial of a unique endangered plant photograph by artist Richard Fischer underlines the reality of climate change that is a disturbing and irritating fact.                  

This exclusive artwork was buried and exposed to humus, rain, heat, cold, humidity, decay, and to absolute darkness. It was then exhumed for final presentation in the Flower Art Museum.

Nothing like this has ever been done before to a photograph and nothing is closer to extinction than the message of this artistic approach.

After exhumation, factor hope remains an authentic reality. We hope art can inspire positive change where words alone have failed.

Will humanity succeed in stopping such insane loss of our floral world?

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