A tribute to flowers

Richard Fischer
Ambassador of Flowers



50 percent of all flower species worldwide could be threatened with extinction. Numerous flowers disappear from our planet every year without being registered, and yes, many of these beauties are so far completely unknown to humans. For years Richard Fischer has staged these delicate, endangered beauties in his photo studio, each and every one in its transient uniqueness. In collaboration with leading international botanical gardens, he finally has given these precious living things the dignity such fragile beauty deserves.

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Book Cover "A Tribute To Flowers" by Richard Fischer



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A coffee table picture book published in English, German, French and Chinese (2020), worldwide available with teNeues Publishing House established in Berlin, London, New York and Paris. From a collection consisting of hundreds of images, 78 have been specially selected, carefully designed and finally printed in premium quality for the viewer´s enjoyment. 

Photographer Richard Fischer is internationally regarded as the ambassador of flowers. For many years, he has staged graceful and endangered floral specimens in his photo studio, capturing each flower's uniqueness and transience. In collaboration with the world's leading botanical gardens, his strikingly original images provide the flowers with an aesthetic framework in which their power of expression and majesty remain intact. Fischer's precise yet delicate floral compositions record the unique color, form, and texture of each flower, thereby highlighting the extraordinary beauty, diversity, and fragility of the natural world. Fischer's inimitable flower photographs have bestowed him with exhibitions around the world: In Paris, London, and Tokyo, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, and the renowned China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. Richard Fischer's prints are highly sought after collector's items in the art photography market. Calendars of his flower images appear annually.


For the first time, Richard Fischer brings together his best images spanning 20 years in one flower photography book, showcasing his artwork and little-known floral exotica. Throughout the volume, the photographs are accompanied by informative and poignant texts, leading the reader through an unknown and, sadly, dwindling world of flowers.


Michael Edward Troy





Depth of Field, Light-paintings and others

Things less complex are often better understood and more appreciated than those that appear too complicated. Simplicity is preferable to complexity. The power of simplicity is universal truth; its authenticity applies to all areas of life. Making more out of less in your visualizations will surprise you how powerful such images can be.

Experimenting with depth of field and light-painting tools proved to be quite a challenging endeavour in the digital age of photography.

Many years of auto-didactically experimenting and learning processes finally led Richard Fischer to where he is today, working in an entire new ambiance of expression: playing with human perception, fundamentally questioning traditional points of view, and thereby redefining the established observations.

Ongoing creative development and continual adjustments have allowed the artist to pursue new means and methods of visual transformation. The results are exhilarating, distinctive and, ultimately, one of a kind.

Light-painting, utilized in Richards art work is enlightenment, creating a unique depth of field that certainly will lead to profound deeper visions.



Asclepia 02020 B


The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.

It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.

Albert Einstein

With his masterpieces of floral art Richard Fischer demonstrates the beauty of artistic photography with a profound breeze of science. His IUCN CEC membership testifies his successful approach.

Fischer’s concept goes beyond science to capture the essence and present it to a world wide audience. Beauty in its simplest form, mysterious and powerful.

Scientists estimate that many of Fischer’s flowers will have become extinct within our lifetime.