Art Works for Sale

Inkjets or Fine Art Prints in Limited Editions

Fine Art Prints are available in different spectra. Sizes vary between 42 cm x 59 cm (DIN A 2 inkjets) and 1,50 m x 1 m. or larger. These images are photographed either with 40, 80 or 100 million pixel digital backs on Hasselblad cameras.  Small Fine Art Prints (Inkjets) are unlimited. All large images are Fine Art Prints in Limited Editions, available only as long as limitations last, most of them limited to 6 or 12.

In case of interest simply write me the page number of the blossom you wish to collect found in the picture book A TRIBUTE TO FLOWERS or send me the image numbers in Cycle I • Silent Scream/Endangered Species, Cycle II • Floral Sculptures, or in Cycle III • Beauties End/Dying Divas in GALLERIES on the Index above, and define your preference size. Please declare your specifications as precise as possible, so my cost estimate can likewise be accurate. You will find a lot more images in the picture book than on this website simply due to limited web space. Then simply send me an email:   

Please notice: prices may vary and are not accountable for, due to market value changes.

For those of you who prefer the expertise of a gallery, some of my images are available through Saatchi Art Online Gallery Los Angeles:


Examples of Fine Art Prints as Limited Editions: