Floral Sculptures

An exclusive collection 


Plants have proven to influence the basics of my life. Blessed with the fate of being raised in „Paradise Islands“,
otherwise known as the tropical Philippines in the 1950’s,  I grew up in a playground surrounded
by splendid blossoms, fragrant orchids and other plants. This inspired me within the years to my
maturity to realize how essential and how delicate life can be on planet Earth.

Plants hold medical, agricultural, ecological, recreational and aesthetic value and plant species
are the foundation of healthy ecosystems upon which humanity builds and depends on.
Our biological diversity is an invaluable and irreplaceable resource and our
quality of life and that of future generations depends on our preservation of plant species.

Many admirers of flowers see in each specimen a singular and unique beauty and derive
from it aesthetic and emotional pleasure. But flowers are also expressions of survival in a fragile world.
They exist for plants to reproduce, to feed upon, to make their lives and those of others possible.
This evolution, this duality of leaf that grows to blossom is the moment I want to capture and commemorate.
I therefore invite you to reflect on each image the moment of this miracle. Because then it may chance your live.


Photographer Richard Fischer won the Kodak Panther Prize, the prestigeous International Kodak
Photo Calendar Award for best concept and photography out of more then 1,000 entries worldwide.
His flower photography has also been granted the Merit, Red Dot Design, the if Design and German
Japan Exchange exhibition Awards. Shortly he has taken the International Gregor Silver Award and the

 International Award of Excellence.

Richard Fischer shoots with