1982 Galerie Compagnie, Hamburg

1983 National Film Theatre, London

1984 National Film Theatre, London

1988 Heidelberg University Library

1989 Recontres Intern. Photographie, Arles

1989 Sparkasse Oldenburg

1989 Salon den Photo, Paris

1990 Goethe Institute, Brussels

1990 Photography Forum, Frankfurt/M

1991 Gallery K 61, Amsterdam

1991 Photokina World Fair, Köln

1994 L-Bank, Stuttgart

1997 Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

1998 Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

1999 Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe, Hamburg

2001 Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt/M

2001 Art Directors Club, New York

2001 Art Directors Club, Berlin

2002 Airport Council International, Tokyo

2003 Art Directors Club, Berlin

2004 Print Media Lounge, Heidelberg

2005 Kunsthalle, Mannheim

2005 Print Media Lounge, Heidelberg

2006 Galerie Edition Braus, Heidelberg

2006 Photokina World Fair, Köln





2007 Galerie Winterberg, München

2007 Open House, Bishops Residence Rauenberg

2007 Casino Wiesbaden

2007 Museum of Art, Ningbo, China

2007 German-Chinese Society, Karlsruhe

2008 City Library, Ahlen

2009 Museum of Art, Ningbo, China

2009 Sixteen Art Space, Hangzhou, China

2009 Gallery p 13, Heidelberg

2010 United Nations, Palais des Nations, Geneva

2011 Red House Originals, Harrogate, GB.

2012 Galerie Winterberg, München

2013 Open Air im Überseequartier, Hamburg

2014 Kunstverein Mannheim, BRAUS Collections

2015 Kunstmesse ART, Galerie Hoffmann

2015 Galerie JeanMichelBerlin

2015 Deutsche Stiftungstage, Karlsruhe

2015 Palais Hirsch, Schwetzinger Festspiele

2016 Kunstmesse ART, Galerie Hoffmann

2018 Museum Kurpfalz, BRAUS Collections

2018 Umweltbundesamt, Dessau

2018 Moulin, Nègrepelisse, France

2019 Fotografar, São Paulo, Brazil

2019 Flower Art Museum, Amsterdam-Aalsmeer



Televison Broadcasts

2005 – 2009    German Television networks (ARD, ZDF, SWR, RBB, MDR, FAZ.NET) documented Richard Fischer’s photographic work on »Floral Sculptures«.

2018    DW • Deutsche Welle, Germanys International Broadcasting Channel, EUROMAXX and ART & CULTURE programs »Beauties End« in English, German and Spanish, broadcasted on approx. 200 TV Stations across the globe. Scroll to MOVIES in the index above for screen recordings.


flowers, Contemporary Continual Calendar, New Edition, Carrier of the International Gregor Award, the Gregor Audience Frontrunner Award and the Award of Excellence.

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