An exclusive collection of Endangered Species


In Alliance with some of the world’s largest collections of endangered flowers Richard Fischer is exclusively supplied with
these well-treasured species for photographic assignment: Fischer’s concept covers a wide range of flora. Each specimen is unique in
it’s beauty and many of them are threatened to extinction within a time period of just one generation.

„Flowers have always represented beauty at its most natural and fleeting so it is terrible to know that some of the most beautiful
specimens are about to be lost forever. I therefore feel compelled to do something, to document as many as I can,
and to celebrate their radiance before they have disappeared.“

The origins of Fischer’s flowers range from the Amazon basin to the high damp ranges of the Central American jungles to the
islands of Madagascar. Photographs of most of these specimens only can be found in scientific catalogues.


Fischer’s concept goes beyond the science to capture their essence and present it for what it is. Beauty in its simplest form, mysterious and powerful.

Scientists estimate that many of Fischer’s flowers will have become extinct within our lifetime. Richard Fischer first started photographing flowers in 1999,

and has won numerous international awards for his work.
Critics have hailed his work as „masterpieces of photographic art“ and likened them to „Floral Sculptures“.

Richard Fischer shoots with