Limited Editions

Fine Art Prints are available in different spectra.

All offered images are Floral Sculptures, but not all of them are endangered flowers.

Flowers like orchids, of which many are endangered are bred in botanical gardens to hybrid species to help them survive and multiply. Subsequently there is flexible variaty of classification on what is endangered and what ist not (yet). Many Flowers, due to their rareness, are threatened to extinction, most of them specifically classified.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has published a Red List where you may find all endangered species.

In my epiphany I tend to show blossoms of multiple kind to create general awareness and to demonstrate their beauty and hold them respectable for everyone. You may also find endangered flowers in index CYCLE I.

Richard Fischer



„Floral Sculptures & Endangered Species“ are worldwide limited to 12 Fine Art Prints per image.

From some images you may choose from white, anthracite or dark grey backdrops fitting your own ambience. Depending on the image, sizes are limited to maximum 1.60 m in height. There is no compromise in reproduction quality, saturation, brilliance and sharpness. As many Blossoms are smaller than 20 cm you have amazing magnification, which gives you a unique view of natures macro cosmos.

As an artist I supervise all Fine Art Prints personally and guarantee excellent quality printing for every single enlargement. I autograph each print, and number them to limitation order: 1/12 – 12/12, then forward them with the certificate of authenticity.

Photographic paper implemented is based on metallic structure which gives your print an extraordinary and exclusive touch, excellent saturation, and brilliant appearance, unmatched by any photographic paper available on the market. State of the art image stability is guaranteed to 100 years in typical home display and 200 years in dark storage by Kodak.

Prints are mounted on dibond (metal plates) and are secured by UV foliage or museum glas.

Thank you for your interest in my art work.

Richard Fischer.