Limited Editions

Fine Art Prints are available in different spectra.

All offered images are Floral Sculptures, but not all of them are endangered flowers.

Flowers like orchids, of which many are endangered are bred in botanical gardens to hybrid species to help them survive and multiply. Subsequently there is flexible variaty of classification on what is endangered and what ist not (yet). Many Flowers, due to their rareness, are threatened to extinction, most of them specifically classified.

In my epiphany I tend to show blossoms of multiple kind to create general awareness and to demonstrate their beauty and hold them respectable for everyone. You may also find endangered flowers in index CYCLE I.


Richard Fischer

A Tribute To Flowers

A new coffee table picture book will be available worldwide with teNeues Publishing House, Berlin, London, New York and Paris. Out of a collection of many hundred images, 78 have carefully been selected, exclusively designed and finally printed in high quality for your enjoyment.

A Tribute To Flowers will be on hand in the United States and in Europe in March 2018.